Publish your own book

Before you

Consider A Publisher

Our mission at GM Books is to provide a secure and supportive environment for either first-time or experienced authors who wish to see their manuscripts come to fruition rapidly and without the traditional delays or worse, abandonment of a property by a major publisher.

By selecting GM Books you are assured of an association with a full service company in which you are a participant in the publishing process and in total control of the development of your manuscript through our professional guidance.

Some publishing contracts require authors to pay for publicity out of their advance. By the time the publisher is ready to print if they feel you have not created enough interest in your book they can decide not to publish the title but maintain full rights to your property prohibiting you to negotiate another contract. If your book is published, there is usually a 3 to 6 month window of opportunity. If sales on your book are not deemed sufficient, interest drops and your book virtually “dies on the vine.” Nothing is done to revive it—but the rights are tied up thereby crippling your ability to profit in other areas from your book, such as foreign rights sales.

Agents and publishers will mostly entertain established writers—this places most authors in a “Catch-22” of not being able to find a publisher without an agent or an agent without a publisher. It is unfortunate, in our field, to need to mention that there have been some agents who have accepted up-front fees and not followed through in presenting manuscripts.

Self Publishing Vs.

Hybrid or Collabrative Publishing

A new author has the opportunity to publish this or her own book in a number of places including GM Books. On-line there are numerous companies, however each of these options have negative consequences.

By selecting the on-line option, a writer needs to be aware that if you decide you want to publish your own book the major disadvantage is that you are compelled to become an instant editor, book designer, printer and book binder, each carry a considerable amount of risk for as mistakes can be costly. Selecting the on-line direction transforms a writer into a business manager and instant publishing technician. Be aware that nearly all on-line publishers, including Amazon, rely on book production done ‘off shore’ in foreign countries and many of these “publishing” personnel do not have a healthy grasp of the English language. While on-line production is less expensive—the errors by the author or the production people add extra changes that do not come cheap and that original ‘low price’ suddenly escalates into major costs. We have found that most writers prefer to be left alone to write and leave all the production details to experienced professionals…that is why GM Books has survived for 34 years.

There are reasons major publishers do not accept new manuscripts, especially from unknown or inexperienced writers. Like any business, publishing is based on profit. Therefore, the author can reduce or eliminate this risk by a “co-publishing” arrangement.

Hybrid and Collaborative publishing is the best option for the author who is willing to do some further work and financing on his or her title. GM Books is an established, respected producer of over 500 titles including, Witness to War: Images of the Persian Gulf War which won a Pulitzer Prize for our client the Los Angeles Times. We at GM Books are expert hand-holders for first-time authors and an alternative for experienced writers who have become disillusioned with the traditional publishing system. In contrast to major publishing houses who take 12 months to publish your book, we can transform your manuscript into a book in approximately 3 months. Your association with GM Books becomes a harmonious joint effort opposed to an impersonal business transaction where the author hands over all control to a publisher. 


Of Publisher

You can rely on our reputation for performance of the highest caliber. Our services include copy editing, book and cover design, book packaging, color image pre-press, illustrations, small or large press runs, custom book binding, internet marketing, mailing and fulfillment. We can provide a minor degree of marketing expertise and connect the writer to a Publicists or Public Relations company. We also enjoy long-standing relationships with local and regional printers.


Of Author

There will be an initial fee of $150.00 dollars for review of your manuscript, that will be applied to a signed contract. The author needs to provide us with a clean, double-spaced, author edited and proofread manuscript sent by email in Microsoft Word to: [email protected]

If we mutually decide to publish, the author needs to assist in defining his or her market. A list of names of experts in your field or subject who can be helpful in promoting your book is an asset. The author should determine interest groups or organizations where guest appearances can be made. The author can research names and addresses of those who should receive promotional literature, press releases or an actual copy of the book.

A book in print opens many doors that could not be opened any other way. A book can get you on talk radio and TV, plus speaking tours. The author should contact his or her local radio stations and newspapers as the interest in a local author has many benefits. Researching these contacts is vital for the success of your book. As a result of a book in print, there are many situations where you can be called upon as an expert in your field. An English language version of your book puts you in a position to sell foreign translation rights. We have found that each book succeeds to the degree of effort the author puts forth on his or her own behalf. Collaborative Publishing means working in tandem, not just subsidizing production.


For Author

The author is compensated with one of these three options.

(1) Self-Publishing in which the author pays editing, book design and printing costs and the author receives 50% of the net proceeds from the sale of the book or subsidiary rights sold.

(2) Collaborative Publishing in which the publisher and author share production and printing costs and the author receives 30% of the net, including sales proceeds or subsidiary rights sold.

(3) Publisher covers all production costs and the author received a Royalty of 10%. We do all we can to help the author realize a return on his or her investment.

In our Collaborative environment the author receives records of every transaction through a transparent bookkeeping system and retains the right to take possession of any and all copies of his or her book at any time with a 30-day written notice. We provide the author with a monthly record of sales and distribute profits on a quarterly basis.

GM Books believes in small quantities on the initial press run, allowing for future reprints as sales increase. We will do our best to assist the author with publicity but we cannot guarantee that your book will be a success or that you will become world-renowned. However, we make every attempt to promote the book through our specialized contacts and sales sources. We encourage you to participate in blogs and to have GM Books prepare a website for your book, for an added fee, or that you generate one at your expense.

If you decide, after receiving a few rejection letters, that we are the appropriate alternative for you, please contact:

William Dorich, Publisher at GM Books. (310) 923-2157

Noteworthy book titles include: The 1984 Los Angeles Summer Games for Atlantic Richfield Company the major sponsor—The 1988 Calgary Winter Gamers for ABC Sports—The 1992 Barcelona Summer Games for Simon & Schuster—Understanding Money and Markets for The Wall Street Journal and Investing in the 90’s for Fortune Magazine, each of these titles sold over one million copies.

Witness to War: Images of the Persian Gulf War was produced for the Los Angeles Times, won a Pulitzer. Newest titles having an impact: The Illness of Medicine by Michael J. Young, M.D. a doctor who gave up his 30-year practice due to issues with Big Pharma and the control of the Insurance Industry. The book won “Best of Los Angeles 2019” and will remain a topic of interest beyond the 2020 election. Dr. Young has also written his first novel, Consequence of Murder and his newest book, Net of Deception about that little blue pill and the effect on the sex pill industry and its criminal aspects on the Internet.