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The book is devoted to the historic State Visit of King Peter II of Yugoslavia to Washington D.C., New York and Canada in 1942, including images of His Majesty’s impressive speech before the United States Congress and his White House garden meeting with President Roosevelt. The book is a visual treasure trove and includes dozens of important images of his famous visit to General Motors, Curtiss-Wright Airplane Division, and meetings with Mayor LaGuardia of New York and Ruth Mitchell, a reporter who was the only American woman to serve with the Serbian Chetniks under General Draža Mihailović in World War II. She was captured by the Gestapo and spent a year as a prisoner of war. The book is 148 pages and contains over 157 images.About The Author:

William Dorich is Publisher of GM Books in Beverly Hills, California. He is also an author of 9 books on Balkan history and music. This is his 10th book. An avid reader, writer and collector of books on history are among his passions. His collection is extensive and is further fortunate that his wife inherited thousands of books from her late uncle, an Archimandrite in the Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church for 50 years. Many of their books are necessarily in storage. It is true, if you are a bibliophile your books take over.

Two months ago, William went into storage for a particular book for research. As he reached for a title on the top shelf, a second book accidentally fell into his hands. Only later did he notice this occurrence was indeed a sign—that a rich Serbian treasure had just fallen from that shelf right into his lap.

The book’s title is Unconquerable. It was printed in 1942 without the identity of an author or a publisher. Mr. Dorich immediately knew this wonderful treasure needed to be reproduced and preserved for future Serbian generations. The proper publishing authorities verified his right to republish. He also felt he owed the courtesy to gain permission from HRH Prince Aleksander, as the book is about his late father His Majesty King Peter II.

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