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As a publisher for 34 years, having produced hundreds of books (7 Best-Sellers and a Pulitzer), it is my rare pleasure to publish a book by an 8-year-old—considered the youngest author in the U.S. today.

Hannah Sauerteig is a gifted young girl in numerous ways. She is very active, involved in all aspects of life and a happy member of a typical American family in Atlanta. She has a younger brother, owns a dog and two fish. When Hannah is not writing, her passion is reading—which comes as no surprise, in view of her eagerness to become an author. Hannah plays tennis, attends dance class and plays guitar. She currently has several of her original songs on iTunes. My great pleasure was discovering this young talent and to be her first publisher. The Chinese have a wonderful saying, “A journey begins with the first step,” and we all get to travel on her first journey (with young readers) titled ‘Adventures of Rose: Life Lessons.’