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Insomniacs spend $4.5 billion annually on sleep medications. Sleep Seekers: The Insomniacs Reference Guide was written to reveal alternatives to prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Medications are known not to be very effective for chronic insomnia, yet are still the primary treatment given to patients.

Whether you are part of the sleep marketplace or not, treating sleep is big business. In recent statistics, 39% of all individuals have periodic insomnia resulting in poor levels of daily function. About 12% have chronic insomnia. These are tremendous numbers of people that suffer from poor sleep ability.

Sleep Seekers will assure you of unlocking the secrets to a good nights sleep… you deserve it.

About the Authors:

Doug Childress, M.D is a fulltime author with expertise covering a wide spectrum of information from health, medicine, business and information technology. After years as a medical administrator and practicing physician, Dr. Childress turned to a professional career of writing. He now enjoys providing a variety of educational resources enabling readers to take control of their own health and lives.

William Dorich, President of GM Books, was a pioneer in self-publishing twenty-five years ago and his company continues to make new and innovative publishing advancements. William Dorich is the author of 8 books. Sleep Seekers follows his 2008 book Defeat Foreclosure and his 2009 book, The Nursing Home Crisis.