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By Mehdi Sarram

For the first time in decades, this timely book attempts to document the lies, deceptions and hypocrisies in seven countries, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, India and the US. Certainly, not all these seven countries have lied and deceived to the same extent. It will be shown that the lies and deceptions have changed the world we live in today. The unacceptable consequences of some of these lies and deceptions have resulted in a more unsafe world. There is plenty of public information on nuclear issues in these countries except Israel where the nuclear program has been kept secret from the beginning.

Mehdi Sarram is a Professional Engineer with 47 years nuclear experience and has traveled to 38 countries, many with nuclear programs. He holds a postgraduate degree, University of Michigan, in nuclear engineering (1967) with a US Atomic Energy Commission Senior Reactor Operator License (1965). Was an assistant professor at the University of Tehran, 1968-1974 and was one of eight directors of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, 1974-1979, reporting to the Deputy Minister of Iran. In April 1977, he organized the first International Conference on Transfer of Nuclear Technology in Persepolis, Iran attended by 500 senior government and industry representatives from 42 countries. He left Iran for Vienna in 1981 and worked for the International Atomic Energy Agency department of safeguards. He immigrated to the US in 1982, working for the nuclear industry including Raytheon Nuclear, Duke Engineering, AREVA NP and URS and has over 30 publications in the nuclear field. In the recent years, he has been lecturing at various Universities in California about Iran nuclear program since 1955. Most recently, he gave lectures at UC Berkeley, UCSD and SDSU about Iran and P5+1 nuclear negotiation.


We know that truth is the first casualty in war. We should be more aware that when it comes to the development of nuclear weapons truth is lost even in peace time. Mehdi Sarram, a nuclear power expert with solid American and international experience, is well placed to show it. Through expert knowledge, dedicated research and extensive documentation he demonstrates how we are subjected to disinformation and deception and how this can lead to dangerous confrontations, arms races and conflicts in an already risky world.

Dr. Hans Blix, former IAEA Director General

I have greatly enjoyed my professional and personal relationship with Mehdi. When I first heard his personal story, from education in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Michigan, to the first Senior Operator at the research reactor in Iran, to working at the IAEA, to working in the West…I knew he had to share this with a wider audience. His insights based on his life experiences offer lessons for us today as nuclear proliferation remains an important issue in the headlines.

David H. Johnson, ScD MIT, Nuclear Engineering (Applied Radiation Physics), Orange, California

Mehdi Sarram has a very difficult challenge: to describe what he defines as ‘nuclear lies, deceptions and hypocrisies,’ which he imputes to seven countries Iraq, Syria, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, India, and USA. Knowing Mehdi’s nuclear experience, this book will shed light on nuclear proliferation which is a current issue and I imagine that this taxing subject should make a good reading. I met Mehdi for the first time in the 70’s. At that time he was a high officer of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, which was under the direction of Dr. Akbar Etemad, who is popularly called the father of Iran’s nuclear program, during the administration of the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The successful Iranian nuclear programme started at that time. Mehdi was a real insider of these early stages, remaining involved until 1979. After that, he has continued to be acquainted of the programme evolution until present days through personal contacts. Immediately after that period, he joined the IAEA, which at that time was under the direction of Sigvard Eklund. Shortly he attached himself to professional nuclear activities in the US and our professional contact became partial.

Abel J. Gonzales, Former IAEA Director of Radiation Safety

Mehdi Sarram pulls no punches as he reveals the shadowy 50-year history of lies and deceptions by seven countries, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Iran, Pakistan, India and the US. Fascinating reading for anyone concerned about the threat of nuclear proliferation and terrorism.

Martin Judge, former State Department executive and author of The Fifth Coup

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