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In this contemporary novel, the malevolent owner of an online male sexual-enhancement drug dispensary exerts his power over clients through a series of contemptuous actions–taking lives and destroying reputations through carefully planned internet data-mining schemes. Taking advantage of their sexual needs and personal weaknesses, a wealthy businessman, a U.S. senator, and a hospital administrator fall victim to the loss of control of personal information shared on the internet. A renowned surgeon and FBI special agents share their knowledge and expertise in identifying and exposing the cybercriminals. This book takes you through a maze of medical applications and computer advancements, as criminals and investigators utilize internet data and advanced information technologies to interact with their targets. Our increased dependence and utilization of the internet to obtain products, socially interact, and conduct business has made us vulnerable to corrupt behavior within the cyber-ecosphere. This novel portends a frightening look at how we are all subject to the nefarious technological activity which can adversely impact all of our lives. The potential danger is just a click away for anyone using the ‘net’.