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(200 pages) Publication date – 7/8/2019

About The Book

Last Flight from Dayton is packed with American double-dealing…lies, tricks and manipulation… Last Flight is testimony to one of the most fateful periods in contemporary Serbian history at the conclusion of the Balkan Civil War in the 1990s. The author patiently waited for 20 years (after his obligation of nondisclosure of “state secrets” had expired). He now shares his professional experience with the readers. You will follow the chronology and the dramatic moments of a historical time crucial to three nations, three states, the region and of Europe. As Ambassador to Serbia, Nebojsa Vujovic tried to authentically present all the actors in this Balkan drama and the important events hidden from public view for the past two decades. It is possible that many stereotypes and bias will change after reading his account of these negotiations behind closed doors in Dayton, Ohio—providing an intimate understanding for historians and contemporaries to place this event in prospective with Balkan and The New World Order politics.

About The Author:

Nebojsa Vujovic is the Former Yugoslavian Ambassador to the United States and Advisor to the President of Hemofarm Koncern A.D. Vujovic began his career with the Commercial Court in Belgrade before becoming a career diplomat with the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Vujovic served the ministry for 20 years from 1981-2001. During his diplomatic career he performed the services of Consul in the General Consulate in Sydney; Minister-counsellor in the Embassy of FRY in Washington; ambassador; Assistant to the Minister for foreign affairs, and President of the Committee for Cooperation with KFOR and UNMIK in Pristina. Vujovic was Envoy of Serbian Prime minister Vojislav Kostunica in the period of 2004 – 2008 for foreign affairs.

He participated in the peace conference in Dayton (USA) and in military technical negotiations in Kumanovo, both of which resulted in agreements. Vujovic has worked with the Hemofarm Koncern A.D. since March 2001 as an advisor to the president and a member of the board of directors of Hemofarm Koncern in charge of international cooperation. Vujovic earned his law degree at the University of Belgrade.

From 2006-2011 Vujovic served as the President of Hemofarm US where he led his team in obtaining FDA approval for drugs manufactured by Hemofarm. He returned to Serbia in 2012 where he was instrumental in the purchase of Hemofarm by Stada. In addition to being of counsel to Lanza, Reich Daniel, Vujovic continues to work as a special advisor to Stada relating to strategic acquisitions.

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