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Stephanie Lalich Adams was born in Baltimore Maryland and is the only child of Nick and Mira Lalich. She graduated from The University of Miami in Coral Gables Florida in 1988, earning her BA double major in Speech Communications and Psychology. After graduation, she began work as a Retirement Plan Specialist for a local bank in Baltimore. This led to a twenty-five-year career in the brokerage industry where she became an Investment Advisor holding her Series 7, 6, 63, and 65 licenses, as well as the State of Maryland Annuity License. Her area of expertise was Trust and Estate Planning.
After retiring from the brokerage industry, she eventually went back to work, following her true passion for design and fashion, as a Personal Stylist for a specialty retailer. For years she ran her own real estate investment business which included property renovations and sales from Baltimore to Naples Florida, along with managing multiple rental properties. She has many creative interests including residential interior design and staging, photography, as well as jewelry design. She briefly had a small business selling her own personal creations of statement/multimedia jewelry.
As her father Nick was extremely creative, she inherited his talents. Nick’s love of photography rubbed off on Stephanie and she describes it as her favorite hobby and past time. Her father’s extensive vintage camera collection is prominently displayed in her home. For over twenty years she has stored and protected the historical archives from WWII which she inherited from her father. These include original slides and photographs, publications, and documents, along with personal letters and artifacts. Her father’s last wish was for her to protect his collection and pass it on to the family’s next generation.
She and her family live surrounded by her parents’ extensive collection of art and antiques from their travels abroad which all carry sentimental stories she holds dear. Included in this collection are special pieces of wooden home furnishings which her father crafted. These pieces and other antiques that Nick collected are found in many photographs in this book from the late 1940s. Stephanie and her husband are also avid antique and art collectors.
Playing tennis has been her sport of choice. As her father was extremely athletic, she also participated in many sports including basketball, badminton, field hockey, and lacrosse.
Stephanie is the mother of two daughters. Her firstborn, Caroline Nikola Adams is twenty-five years old and is a Brand Ambassador for a French luxury fashion atelier. Alexandra Rose, an avid equestrian, is sixteen years old and is currently attending high school. Stephanie is married to Craig Jones, originally from New Jersey, who owns a highly specialized commercial construction firm. She and her family reside in Baltimore Maryland and enjoy travel. Their last trip was to Serbia in 2019 for the celebration of The Halyard Mission’s 75th Anniversary.
Her father’s intriguing life inspired Stephanie to write this book. It is written in homage to her father and his fascinating colorful life, filled with heroism and his love for family. Always remembered…never to be forgotten.



The book is 10” x 10” with over 200 pages and dozens of never-seen photographs from the Nick Lalich archives.

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A portion of the profit from the sale of this book will go to:
HRH Princess Katherine Karadjordjevic’s Lifeline New York charity to benefit physically and mentally disabled children, orphans, and the elderly in Serbia.

About the Authors:

William Dorich began his career in Hollywood as a commercial photographer, subsequently working in the NASA Space Program. A career change in the 1960s led to 15 years in commercial printing sales in Los Angeles with 8 of those years as sales manager for two major west coast printing companies. He founded his own publishing company, GMBooks.com in 1985.
For a dozen years and during the turbulent decade of the 1990s William was a correspondent for the American Srbobran, a weekly Serbian newspaper published in Pittsburgh, PA, since 1906. His articles have appeared in the International Herald Tribune, The Washington Times, The Arizona Republic, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, and the American Bar Association Journal, among others.
Throughout the Balkan Wars in the ‘90s William appeared as a guest on more than 300 national radio programs and on Geraldo Live and the Charles Grodin television programs representing Serbian views on the war. He has written 10 books, 8 on Balkan history. His first book in 1991 was The Serbian Genocide 1941-45, with contributors David Martin, and Michael Lees. In 1991, he produced the book Witness to War: Images of the Persian Gulf War for the staff of the Los Angeles Times. The book won a Pulitzer.
His 1992 book, Kosovo, was written by 4 Balkan historians— including Dr. Alex Dragnich, recipient of the Thomas Jefferson Award for Distinguished Service at Vanderbilt University.
In 1994 William wrote the book, The Suppressed Serbian Voice and the Free Press in America. In 1996 he wrote A Brief History of Serbian Music, published for the Serbian Singing Federation on its 55th anniversary.
His 1997 book, Jasenovac Then & Now: A Conspiracy of Silence is a Best-Seller in its 3rd edition. On Easter, 1997, the Holy Synod of Serbian Bishops bestowed The Order of St. Sava on William, the highest recognition given to a layperson in the Serbian Orthodox Church. Also in 1997, he received an Award of Merit from the Serbian Bar Association of America.
In 2012, William co-authored Serbia: Faces & Places with Val Rajic. His non-Balkan titles include: Defeat Foreclosure and The Nursing Home Crisis, both Best-Sellers—Lalich, co-authored with Stephanie Lalich Adams in his 11th book.
Important titles GMBooks has published for other authors: Arise, Rossiya: The Return of Russian to World Politics by Marcus Papadopoulos—Nuclear Lies, Deceptions and Hypocrisies by Mehdi Sarram—Guardian Serbs: Heritage of Betrayal by Dr. Sam Mikolaski—Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting by Peter Brock—The Illness of Medicine by Michael J. Young, M.D.—Kosovo Is Serbia by Dr. Vojin Joksimovich—TransAtlantic Man by Sir Eldon Griffiths.

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The first published biography of Nick Lalich, an American hero of Serbian heritage who was a member of the O.S.S. and participated in the rescue of over 500 Downed American pilots from August to December 1944—pilots who were downed over Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia on their return from bombing the Ploesti Oil Fields in Romania on which Hitler’s forces were dependent. This was the single largest rescue of American troops from behind enemy lines in American history. Lalich received The Legion of Merit Award. Our State Department, Pentagon, and the O.S.S. kept the award secret for 20 years because government authorities claim they did not want to offend Marshal Tito’s new Communist regime in Yugoslavia in 1945. Lalich was dispatched into Serbia to work with General Mihailovich who had rescued hundreds of down American pilots, nursing the injured and keeping the Germans from finding them. Lalich was given the task of getting them safely out of Yugoslavia into friendly hands in Bari, Italy. In total, Nick Lalich's rescue of 513 Americans also saved the lives of 8 Europeans, 4 British, 24 Italians, 2 Polish, 9 French, 17 Russian, 42 European Military, 1 civilian, and two American doctors. However, Nick Lalich was denied burial in Arlington National Cemetery when he died in 2001. Mihailovich was tried as a “Nazi Collaborator” in a Show Trial and executed by Tito’s Communist Firing Squad.

The Philosopher Stuart Mills (1867) said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Nick Lalich was a good man—this 28-year-old did something, he distinguished himself as an American hero. Those 513 airmen have produced over 1.2 million children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. This story of how American secrets in WWII made a mockery of the men and women who go to war to defend our beliefs—an important read in today’s political climate of espionage, duplicity, and double standards in which politics become more important than our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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