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Dr. Sam Mikolaski has rendered the world a favor by giving us “Guardian Serbs—Heritage of Betrayal” as a loving legacy to Serbia, the land of his birth. But it is more than that. It is a comprehensive and incredibly readable (and beautifully presented) history which jogs our memory and our conscience with beautifully written prose and beautiful photographs. It is starkly factual and honest, as I know from my decades of covering Serbia and the Balkans during war and peace. And there is much, even for Balkan enthusiasts, to learn from this erudite volume. It will make us feel shame, delight, respect, and hope. The readers of this book will be better people for having read it. And the world will discover that the injustices visited on the Serbs during the 1990s were injustices visited upon the world itself. The proof of this is, as the book shows, the Serbs have remained true to their allies despite their allies’ betrayal of them.

— Gregory Copley, President, The International Strategic Studies Association

History has not been fair to Serbia nor to its people. Its heroic role in defending Christian Europe from Islamic invasions and the terrible sacrifices suffered by Serbia in supporting the allies in two world wars have been forgotten. More devastating has been the 1999 illegal bombing of Serbia led by its former allies the United States and Britain. This infamous betrayal forms the major theme of the author’s book and reveals the hypocrisy and double standards practiced by the leaders of the so-called democratic countries. It is a book to be read not only by Serbians but more importantly by all those who still hold loyalty and freedom as values to cherish.

—James Bissett former Canadian Ambassador to the former Yugoslavia.

A truly remarkable book and a Must Read, not only for the Serbs living in English speaking countries, but also for the citizens of the US, Canada, Australia and the UK whose Queen is related to the Serbian Royal Family. Serbia is a small but proud freedom loving nation fighting aggression throughout its history: Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Nazi Germany, Tito’s communism and US/NATO led illegal aggression. My generation has been profoundly impacted and disappointed by betrayals from our western allies, beginning with WWII when all of Europe lay under the boots of Nazis—one nation led by General Mihailovic rose to defy the mighty war machine of the Third Reich, he was, however betrayed by the allies as Serbs were handed over to Tito’s communists. My grand-uncle, Dragic Joksimovic courageously defended General Mihailovic in Tito’s show trial and our entire family was blacklisted. In the 1990s, we experienced the US betrayal when the Clinton administration sided and supported the Islamic states, including Al Qaeda in the civil wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo. I have known the author for over two decades, he has done an outstanding job capturing the highlights of Serbian history and their Heritage of Betrayal.

—Vojin Joksimovich, Ph.D.