Mira Vukelich has a Master’s Degree in English and Linguistics (UCLA) and has taught for nearly 20 years.

Mira developed the Empowered English… Shortcuts to English Grammar program over a period of 16 years with glowing success. She is featured in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers. Her students achieved some of the highest SAT scores in the Los Angeles school system.

Empowered English Basic (EEB) includes 14 quizzes for the student to test their progress in these Shortcuts to English Grammar.

Mira Vukelich believes that about 80% of the English language is acquired in a natural way through listening, reading and speaking. About 10% cannot be acquired through reading and writing and must be taught directly. However, 4% to 6% of English problems are referred to by Mira as “Booby Traps” that trouble most of us and can easily be detected and eradicated.

This eBook (Windows – MAC CD) provides the easiest method to understanding the booby traps and improving your language skills, while learning at your own pace.

“Coupled with an effective writing and speaking program this EEB makes a significant contribution to our nation’s schools.” … Dr. Madeleine Hunter, UCLA Adjunct Professor