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About the Book:

The story of a mother, an estranged husband and a son who grew up without both is a compelling story of the Middle East. Death in Jerusalem is a novel based on historic details involving the Israel—Palestine conflict, woven with the theme of love, hatred and the yearning for peace amidst the misery of war—a prolonged dispute that has defied all attempts to settle this conflict amicably. The pain in telling this story is a zero-sum game where the gain on one side amounts to the demise of the other. This has generated an entire vocabulary of intermediate situations between state territory versus enemy territory—absolute sovereignty over land, compared to a no man’s land leaving its life-changing mark on the lives of its inhabitants.

About the Author:

Emil Vlajki, Jewish by mother and Croat by father, completed his elementary and a high secondary schooling in Split, Croatia. He graduated (simultaneously) from the Faculty of Political Sciences, and from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, Croatia, and completed a Master’s degree and PhD in Political Sciences at the Sorbonne, Paris.

After working for two years at the French radio-television, he became a professor in Sarajevo. He was a visiting professor at Yale University, USA (1989) and at the University of Leuven, Belgium (1991.)

As the vice president of the Red Cross of Sarajevo, he left, during the war, the surrouded city in December 1992, leading a convoy of 2000 people (primarily Serbs) to Belgrade. In 1993, he was invited to Canada, to work as a professor. He returned to France in 2003 and collaborated with the University of Toulouse in the field of political information.

He came to Banja Luka in 2005 at the Faculty of Political Sciences, where he still works as a professor emeritus.

He has published many books in several areas: Political Philosophy, Communicology, Social Work, Political Science and International Relations.

He is the author of six novels and two poetry anthologies.


– Genocide
– Lucifer and disturbed Wanderer
– Second Juda’s Treason
– Tchetnicusha
-.Death in Jerusalem
– Women who believed being Maria Magdalena

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