Balkanization: WWII, Mihailovich and the Rescued American Fliers

By William Dorich



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“Balkanization” … a widely used term to mean the division of a multinational state into smaller ethnic entities. Coined at the end of World War I, described the ethnic and political fragmentation that followed the breakup of the Austro Hungarian and the Ottoman Empire that enslaved the Serbians for 400 years, denying them the right to an education, to own property, even the use of musical instruments. (The term Balkanization is used to explain the disintegration of multi-ethnic cultures and states and their evolution into dictatorship that leads to ethnic cleansing and civil wars.)

The disaster of the Second World War, and the death of General Mihailovich by Tito’s Communist firing squad and the U.S. betrayal of the Serbian people—allies in two World Wars, in which they lost 52% of their adult male population in WWI and 23 years later 30% of the Yugoslav population in WWII—the book walks the reader through the slings and arrows of how the U.S. the OSS, CIA and our State Department betray a loyal friendship and illegally bomb and dismember a sovereign European country for a political agenda that supported $19 Billion in Blackmail by the Saudi government in which the Clinton administration sold American weapons and aircraft with the “stipulation that the U.S. would support the Muslim cause in Bosnia.” Ignoring our signed treaties, the UN Charter, The NATO Treaty, the Helsinki Final Act and The Geneva Conventions. Clinton said in his speech at the 50th anniversary of NATO…”The NATO block would intervene wherever and whenever it chose to.” Serbia did not violate article 5 of the NATO Treaty, they did not attack or invade any country.

Gen. Mihailovich helped rescue over 500 Downed American Fliers. President Truman gave him the Legion of Merit Award, two years after he was killed by Tito’s Communist firing squad and that award was kept secret for 20 years …. Our U.S. officials saying arrogantly, “They did not wish to offend the new Tito government.” But we Americans did not hesitate for a moment to offend and express our outrage that a Saudi Prince murdered a journalist, Jamal Khashoggi?

BALKANIZATION…the reader concerned to look beyond the war propaganda exuded by the likes of CNN will see the machinations that led to a decade of unnecessary misery in the 1990s, the ethnic cleansing of 230,000 Serbs from Croatia and the deaths of 97,000 victims in the Balkans, the results of which haunt Europe today—and threaten to return with a vengeance tomorrow.

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By William Dorich

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