GM Books

Pricing Details

At GM Books we do not provide a pricing menu for publishing your book.

No “one from column A or two from column B” here! We wish COSTS were that predictable. Avoid anyone who makes you believe it is that simple…the result will leave a bad taste and a bad experience.  You don’t buy a new dress or suit without making sure it fits—don’t publish your book without making the specifications fit your desired goals.

Price is determined by several elements that you and GM need to consider…the final size of your book; will it be soft cover or hard cover; how many pages; and what is the final quantity as the quantity determines if your book is printed in 4-page, 12-page or 16-page press units; the quantity you wish to print should be obvious—the lower the quantity the higher the per unit cost; are there images in your book, color or black & white? No menu can predict price under these variables.

Each book is therefore quoted once an author and GM Books understand what the author wishes to achieve.