By: Rodney Atkinson
October 02, 2023

The Canadian parliament was misled into applauding for an old Nazi, Yaroslav Hunka a former member of the Waffen SS Galizien in Ukraine during the second world war. Hunka served in the 14th SS Volunteer Division “Galicia,” which was made up of Ukrainian nationalists. At the end of the war, these “volunteers” who fought with Hitler’s army and collaborated in massacres committed on Ukrainian soil during WWII, were not extradited to the Soviet Union but like Hunka were able to emigrate to Canada while many others escaped to the UK through the Vatican’s “Rat Lines” to South America…Just like Gaz Gaz Gabor and Ante Pavelich of Croatia, who fled to Argentina via the ‘Rat Line’ where he became the “Security Advisor” to Juan Peron who like Yaroslav Hunka slaughtered thousands in Argentina.

Poland, whose citizens were victims of the Galicia division (they have been demanding but not getting an apology from Ukraine for the Wolyn massacre) attacked Canada and demanded the extradition of Hunka. The Speaker of the Canadian parliament later apologized and resigned, while Trudeau admitted the scandal but did not resign and managed to blame Russia!
All this is no surprise when we know that the Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland herself is the granddaughter of a notorious Nazi and she associates with Ukrainian extremist groups in Canada.

Her grandfather Mikhail Chomiak, who emigrated to northern Alberta after fleeing to Vienna in late 1944 was a vicious Jew-hating Nazi and editor of the fascist Ukrainian newspaper based in Poland Krakivski Visti which operated under the notorious rule of Hans Frank (executed after the war). Expropriated from a Jewish owner under Nazi law, Krakivski Visti published an editorial on 6th November 1941 which said:
“There is not a single Jew left in Kiev today, while there were 350,000 under the Bolsheviks, the Jews “got their comeuppance.”
This referred to the mass shooting of Kiev’s Jewish population at Babi Yar. In just two days, Sept. 29-30, 1941, a total of 33,771 people were murdered.
Today there are issued in Ukraine stamps celebrating the foundation of the Waffen SS Division “Galicia.” This illustration shows some of the “heroes” of Galicia and (center) the celebration of the 75th anniversary of its foundation on the stamps.

Note how the uniforms resemble those of war time German Nazis – just as today Ukrainian troops and military vehicles carry old war time German insignia! One of them is a Greek-Catholic chaplain of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UNA) — the most violent pro-Hitler Banderite group.

One of the most overt and active Nazis in Ukraine is Andriy Parubiy, the former Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament. (see
On September 4, 2018 he said that Adolf Hitler was “the torchbearer of democracy.” His statement was broadcast on Ukraine’s ICTV channel. Parubiy described Adolf Hitler as a true proponent of democracy claiming that the Führer “practiced direct democracy in the 1930s.”
Here Parubiy is feted by US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland:

Parubiy was also received in the Canadian parliament by Trudeau, by the head of the European Commission for Democracy Through Law ! Gianni Buquicchio, by the American Policy Council, by the British Royal United Services Institute and by the late Senator John McCain.

Parubiy founded in 1991 the Social-National Party of Ukraine subsequently renamed Svoboda [Freedom], together with Oleh Tyanhnybok who currently heads the Svoboda party. The name Social-National Party was chosen with a view to replicating the name of Hitler’s Nazi (National Socialist) party.

Parubiy was ‘Commandant’ of the volunteer rebel forces together with DmytroYarosh (head of the Right Sector) and Oleh Tyanhnybok. These neo-Nazi insurgent forces were involved in the ‘Euromaidan’ coup d’etat in early 2014, which led to the overthrow of president Viktor Yanukovych. All three neo-Nazi leaders are followers of Ukraine’s Nazi Stepan Bandera, who collaborated in the mass murder of Jews and Poles during World War II but is celebrated today in Ukraine (both in civil demonstrations on his birthday and on the battlefield).
I have in previous posts shown a collage of western press coverage of Nazis in Ukrainian civil and military life but as we know that was before the Russian response (in February 2022) to Ukraine’s civil war against Russians. Since then the denial of Nazism has taken on grotesque and hilarious proportions – until a slight change recently.
Here we have two juxtaposed headlines from the war mongering, neocon New York Times who have been unable to keep up the Nazism-deniers’ narrative!

In Ukraine there is a small minority who belong to the “Uniate” Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church who have the orthodox rite but accept the authority of the Vatican. (I need hardly reiterate the close links between war time Croatian Nazis (“Ustashe”) and the Roman Catholic Church, with the Pope receiving them in the Vatican.)
A chaplain of that church has used a sermon to call on his parishioners to expel priests of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church from Ukraine.
In his sermon Nikolay Medinsky called the followers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church “spiritual occupiers” and enemies, and urged his flock to “expel them by their own hands, without waiting for the authorities or the army.”