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Our mission at GM Books is to provide a secure and supportive environment for either first-time or experienced authors who wish to see their manuscripts come to fruition rapidly and without the traditional delays or worse, abandonment of a property by a major publisher.

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William Dorich and,

Stephanie Lalich Adams

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of The American Dream

Jospeh Moizel and,

Maya Kaarina Wertheim

Net of Deception

A Novel
Michael J. Young MD

Guardian Serbs: Heritage of Betrayal

Samuel J. Mikaloski, P.h.D.

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Noteworthy Titles

Kosovo Crisis

A Study In Foreign Policy Mismanagement – Vojin Joksimovich, P.H.D

Poker Menteur

Les grandes puissances, la Yougoslavie et les prochaines guerres – Michel Collon

String of Pearls

A Mothers Wisdom- Marie True Evans

Dear S.O.S

Thirty Years of Recipe Requests – Rose Dosti

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